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Latest Goings Ons (Sept. 18th, 2009)

This update adds 7 new ContextFree scripts!
Additionally, each script displays a credit for each author.

Latest Goings Ons (Sept. 16th, 2009)

Welcome to the Not-Quite-All New Sybil!
As of almost tomorrow Sybil's backend has been completely overhauled to be more maintainable, stable, and possibly faster (not to say that was an issue, but every little bit).

In terms of tangible changes I've further cleaned up Sybil's CSS and broken comments and likely messages. Although, I did make an effort to make things more outage-proof. In most cases Sybil will alert you when she can't do things (as opposed to just breaking).

Finally, I'm going to add full-text seraching soon. My main hold up is where to fit in a search bar ;D
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